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Rosco and Gary - thanks for the help. I soaked the holster (and belt) this evening for a bit over two hours. Worked the holster as described. My revolver is a <u>stainless steel</u> Ruger Security Six, so I did it in one step - assumed less risk of rust than a blued gun. Used the plastic bag idea - I had a dry cleaning bag available. So far, so good. I'm hoping that soaking the belt and letting it dry will also tighten up the cartridge loops.

Tomorrow am we'll see how it looks. Thanks for pointing out the error of using oil. I'll use the polish approach in a few days.

When I'm through I'll need to avoid cramming the revolver into the holster with the trigger lock installed. That won't make sense after taking the trouble to improve this rig. Perhaps I'll rustle up one of those bedside safes for a better security arrangement anyway.

Thanks again.

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