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I was at a gun show sometime back, and a vendor was explaining the process he used to work a leather holster. I've got a cheapo leather holster that I've had for years. Seems well built, but the loops on the belt have gotten too large to reliably hold the rounds, and the holster doesn't really fit the gun well - a Ruger Security Six / .357 / .38.

I'd like to save this rig, and I don't want to ruin the leather. {I'm cheap!) The guy at the show said something about putting the gun in grease and then a plastic bag. Soaking the leather in water until it was saturated. Then, putting the gun (in its plastic bag) in the holster, wrapping it with something, and letting it dry. But, I assume that is not in the sun, or ???

Then, I believe the plan was to work oil into the leather after it had dried around the gun.

I know - why don't I just buy a new belt and holster? Cause it seems like a waste, when, if I knew what I was doing, I could try this myself over a weekend and a couple of football games. Anyone out there know how this is properly done, in detail? Thanks!
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