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It REALLY depends on your primary mission/duty and WHERE you are comfortable carrying the piece (on your person). I like the IWB's but I carry in front of the hip for extra concealability. I don't like the conventional position because the weapon prints (on me) when bending over or sitting down. I am skinny (6' 0", 158 lbs) so I prefer to carry in front of the hip. This also makes sweeping clothing out of the way easier. I don't prefer the belt slides because of the concealment. Many times the wind or brushing up against something will expose the weapon. Flannel shirts are bad for this. (You have to wear a shirt over the top of the pistol for in front, IWB. Also, if you get into a heavy pushing, shoving match or get knocked down, you'll tend to reflexively bend forward or go into a fetal type position further protecting/retaining the weapon (with in-front of hip carry).
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