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Sorry, I've been kinda ignoring this thread (no offense Scott ).. didn't know I was referred to...

If you've been waiting for my to respond, the Tactical Ted targets are pretty cool. I throw a new (old) shirt on them every other session or so put a new hat on them every 4 or 5.
I messed around with makeing them "reactive" teds, but withouth the backing, they are too flimsy.. I haven't bothered to put a backing on them yet.

I found that if you paint them a dark color (dark green works well if you are worried about being un-PC), you can easily tell where the new "hits" are. IO keep a can of spray paint handy and completely coat the hit areas after every few strings of fire. The paint sorta flakes or wears off around the new holes (I shoot mostly flat point .40, it doesn't work so well with 9mm).

Generally speaking I like improvised targets more than pre-made ones. With the tactical Teds around, the standard B-27 has almost become extinct at my range. I like to shoot at business cards or small paper plates. Usually stapled to the the kill zones and heads of Teds or other targets.
I shoot at bowling pins a lot, but they would be messy for an indoor range I guess.

I messed around with those super-plastic targets from Newbold and they were pretty cool. I've bought some the couple years at SHOT Show, I'll probably pick up some more this year. They are hurt a lot more by the sun than by repeated hits with FMJ.

I find an indoor range a bit stifling myself. they lend themselves to standing in front of a target and sqeezing the trigger really well, but often arten't so hot for more dynamic trainging.
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