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For "small" (like 8.5 by 11) targets, I print my own. I used to do B+W with my Laser Printer, but now I do color with my Epson Color 800.

I have literally hundreds of different designs, mostly bullseye style, but with all sorts of "cross-hair" enhancements, "pistol sight aligning bars", etc. I just started a new group of "real" picture targets, where I use a picture of some animal, like a rabbit of bear, and use Photoshop to make the target stand out against the background. Sometimes it's more fun to chew out the bunny's eye than a bullseye! (Ouch, sorry!) And I've also made a set of "paper silhouette" targets with the chick. pig, etc. Lot's of fun, but it can be disconcerting to have that Ram in your sights, and when you pull the trigger, a hole the size of a basketball appears in it's chest! (.357 at 25 yds)

So fire up your drawing programs, and make you own targets. Put a 1" circle in the middle, then a 2" cirlce.... I've been talking with the local Range owner about doing a "composite" Bad Guy defensive shooting target. Since I can't print those real big Bad Guy targets, I suggested we print the target in pieces, and use something like "photo corners" to hold the pieces togther to make the full size target. (Sticky - self adhesive- corners would work too.) One advantage is that shooters seldom hit the edges of these targets, so after a round of shooting you may only have to place the pieces on the vital zones.

Most of my targets were made on a Macintosh in Illustrator, although a couple are done in Photoshop. I use a lot of purple and blue rings with orange bulls, since my printer runs out of yellow first. I'd be happy to mail one/some to anyone that would like them. Someday I'll set up a Web site and you can preview them, but I'm much too lazy today.

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