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Photons answer the question "Why buy all kinds of tactical stuff and train to use it,live life in condition yellow,get a CCW and then fall on yer a$$ on the back steps cuz somebody didn`t turn the walkway light on and you couldn`t see where you were goin!" It`s perfect for those times when you didn`t want to take a Surefire cuz you wouldn`t be out that late,or the shirt your wearing wouldn`t cover it, etc. I`m addicted to mine,I use it every day. I like it so much I sell them at my shop now! No,I can`t beat the best internet prices so don`t buy them from me,but for those that don`t have one GET ONE you won`t be sorry. I haven`t found anyone yet who bought one and wasn`t thrilled with it,and I sold a lot in the last few weeks. As for the color,I`m carrying a yellow now which is very bright but has a narrow beam. I`m switching to an orange,just as bright with a wider beam and not as hard on night vision. My wife has a turquoise mainly because it`s pretty. It`s also very bright and has a very wide beam. The wider the beam the less the range generally. BTW for those that are interested the PhotonIIs with dual 3V batteries (W,T,B) and 14-18hr. battery life can also be used with dual 1.5V batteries and a 125+hr. battery life! This comes right from the manufacturer. Marcus
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