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Well, I, too, saw all the hoo-ha and went to the website and ordered one. That was on Saturday 12/19. It arrived today 12/22, on $.78 postage. It's smaller than I expected, it really is about the size of a quarter, and it's a bright little sucker (I got the turquoise). I routinely carry a mini-mag in my kit (I have an iside office and I find I need it about 1/month when some dweebster hits a power line with a backhoe), but this little dude is way cool. I haven't decided to put it on my keyring or on one of my pocket knives. Then again, my wife keeps playing with it, so maybe I'd be wise to order another one or two. . . yeah, I could see a buncha these as stocking stuffers next year, plus a few for the boat, ummm, maybe trite, but let here be light! M2
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