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Greg Melcer
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Sorry Kodiac, you've got it all wrong. I love my Photon II lights! They're perfect for everyday carry. I have a yellow one on my key ring and I use it quite a bit.

Ever need to see what you're about to step into? Sure, just whip out your Surefire 9Z and destroy your night vision for the next 2 minutes! Or, you can pull out your Photon which will supply enough light to illuminate your next few steps and it won't cause you to see big orange blobs dancing about.

Seriously, if you don't have one, get one. They are expensive for such a little light, but you'll find yourself carrying it everywhere.

As for colors, I have the yellow and the blue. The yellow is easier on the eyes, and makes a better reading light. The blue is kinda harsh in my opinion, and it's hard to read by, but aim it at the ceiling of your bedroom and it'll light up the whole place!

Those are the only colors I'm familiar with, but I hope to add a white and orange light in the near future.

You'll find a lot of others that share my high opinion of these lights.
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