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For the last 15 or so years the only belts I wear are 1.5" double layer leather gun belts. They don't wear out easily, they don't deform from pressure of belt loops or any accessory worn, they handle heavy custom belt buckles with ease be they classic silver cowboy types or items like the brass Varmint Hunters Assoc one. I've bought them from everyone from Dillon to custom makers. They cost more initially but are cheaper in the long run because they last so long. Whatever is carried and regardless if it is IWB or hung on, a thick heavy belt is the only stable platform I know. I won't wear anything else period.


PS Hear you've been working too many nights until after 9pm and your e-mail is topping 3000 pieces per month. Some cutlery dealers are even carrying your Spydie Moran sheaths (e.g. Chai)... I love it and won't apologize if my posts about the sheaths you made for my son and I have had anything at all to do with the situation !!!
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