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I'll throw in my two cents worth here and actually say that the belt is just as important if not more so than the holster itself. And before you start sending me flame-mail, just remember that the holster doesn't keep your pants up.

A belt pretty much holds your tools and gears in place. Otherwise, they jiggle and slide everywhere and makes deployment more difficult. Also, it can ruin your concealment strategy. In fact, just this last week, I had to go to a leathersmith just to get a belt that fits my needs exactly. I admit this isn't a top-of-the-line, premium quality belt by someone that specializes in firearm accessories. However, for less than $20, it does everything that I can ask for out of a good, simple leather belt. And if it ever gets ruined, I'll just get another. They're very inexpensive and this guy is just right around corner from where I live.

And though I don't mean to sound contrary, merely something I feel I should bring up, I have not been as enamored with the Wilderness 5-stitch as the rest of the community. It simply gives too much IMHO. In fact, it gave just enough to ruin my concealment strategy and moderately dampen my deployment. Admittedly, mine doesn't have the polymer reinforcement.
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