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Rosco, we once again are on the same page here. The belt is not only the platform for the CARRY of the weapon system, but for the DEPLOYMENT of the weapon. Your draw stroke will suffer if the belt is floppy or thin, too narrow to fill up the belt loops on your pants (you'd be surprised how many people overlook this), or if the holster moves on the belt b/c the belt is too narrow.
I wear a 1.75" Wilderness 5 stitch belt almost every day, and it is a durable, silent, all weather gun belt to wear with my Royal Robbins 5.11 pants. My other favorite belt for when I am forced to dress up is the Milt Sparks 1B belt with lining. My comment above about filling up belt loops comes from spending time with this favorite 1.25" belt when it slides up and down in the belt loops of some pants. A 1.5" 1B is on my Xmas list. I have a Kramer 1.5" unlined horsehide, but it leaves greasy black stains on my dress pants, which is unacceptable.
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