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Okay, Scott you bring up an interesting topic. AS everyone knows by now, I love spending money on guns, I accept spending money on ammo and I hate spending money on shooting accessories.
Belts are accessories, more than that, they are accessories that I already have a mess of. AS you point out, the ones I have are designed to hold up my pants and (in some cases) look good doing it. They are not designed to hang a holster on.

A few years back I bought one of those thick leather Galco jobs, with the thinner leather sewn on top for the buckle. It hardly goes through the loops on Levi's jeans (my daily uniform) and rides like a duty belt. True, I hardly notice that I am wearing a firearm when I attach various holsters to it, but it is just not comfortable nor attractive for everyday use as far as I am concerned.

I have an "instructor's belt" that works much better with jeans and supports holsters pretty well that I prefer to wear.

So, I've got a $80 leather belt that I only wear for extended use at the range and a $30 nylon webbing belt that is much more comfortable for all day wear.

All that said, I carry primarily IWB holsters, where the belt is not as important to the support of the firearm.

So, while I admit that most "gun belts" I've tried are much better for holding up guns, they suck as belts.
Galco has a newer line (the Contour collection) of stiff but slim belts that I have not tried yet, they look much more promising but when I am at the gunshop I'd rather by 10 boxes of ammo than a belt.

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