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I'm not a LEO, nor am I currently in the military, etc, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

IMHO, people who want NV all want the same thing: being able to see just like they would during the day.

Failing that, they want something that closely approximates it, and they want it in a package that offers them the most versatility.

I'd like to see the new monocular NVD become more accessable to the general public, as this offers many different uses: head mounted NOD, weapon mounted sight w/ or w/o optical sight, and it can be adapted to cameras. Too bad the price is up there...

Clarity and resistance to flashing are big issues too, though the III generation devices are an order of magnitude better.

But, for me, the single biggest concern was: will it take standard batteries? Make it take AA's, it's bad enough that we have to pay so much for the device to begin with, having to blow a bundle on the batteries as well isn't cool.

Just my 2 cents.


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