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I like them both. Leather does seem a tad more...with you, but it has nothign compared to the way kydex feels on a draw...kydex is really quick in that respect. I have a high ride holster for my HK USPC that I have been very happy with, it does not creak, nor make any other noises that I've found... It DOES however make more noise when drawing the weapon. I can wear my kydex holster all day long with no problems. As can I with leather.
Kydex also retains the weapon with the mold, rather than..say a thumb strap. I have a open top leather holster which retains my weapon perfectly, but it is not as fast to draw from, IMHO. Also Kydex is less bulky.
Leather is more classy. You can wear a well made leather holster for days on end and be happy about it. You can go round and round on it...I like them both


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