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I carry a Mirage X Operator on a daily basis. It differs from the EOD and Hunter models in that it sports a cross linked polyolephin polymer handle -- it's a black rubber coating that outwardly resembles the vinyl handle coating on tools, but is quite a bit more solvent and abrasion resistant. The blades are quite impact resistant, and will withstand the rigors of chopping and heavy cutting, but not prying. The edge retention is pretty much where resharpening is not something you need to consider on a regular basis. The blade finish cleans up easily with soap and water, and little seems to stick to it. Even aggressive fiber reinforced packing tape does not dull the edge or require much cleanup. I carry the knife in its neck sheath in my right front pocket, as it's a bit heavy for neck carry. For LEO's that may go near biohazardous substances or drug evidence, the Mirage X series knives can easily be cleaned and sterilized without fuss. Expect to pay significantly more for a Mad Dog than you would for a Benchmade or Spyderco, but expect performance that's significantly more. It's the difference between a stock Springfield 1911 and a full blown Wilson Custom 1911 -- seemingly subtle but very substantial differences.
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