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I have one of Mad Dog's EOD versions, with the Kydex multi-position sheath.

The knife is constructed of some absolutely phenomenal materials, and is mute and irrefutable testimony to Kevin McClung's genius. I've periodically been keeping abreast of the expanding research and development of ceramics by many of the DoD prime contractors, and augmented that knowledge with a bit of reading about some of the NASA applications for the space programs. Mad Dog's marketing of these remarkable blades in a series of insightful designs was joyously anticipated, and in so doing, he has once again brought full circle another application of the most advanced technologies to improve the fundamental tools of mankind.

The EOD has the general appearance of a tanto-style blade. The blade has a black coating that is molecularly bonded to the blade material in a painstakingly and exacting proprietary process. The purpose of the coating is to present an extremely abrasion resistant, low reflectivity, yet slippery outer surface that completely covers the exposed portion of the blade. Only the thin line of sharpened edges glisten with the subdued sheen of milky white glass. These edges are individually hand-sharpened on diamond lap stones, the only readily available abrasive material that can be used for the precision working of the blade.

The handle is of the highly functional ergonomic design that has come to be a custom signature of Mad Dog Knives. It is comprised wholly of a dark, non-reflective matrix that is literally impermeable to solvents and pressure. Its hand-filling contours and surface friction provide an excellent grip in all foreseeable temperature ranges, even when wet with water, perspiration or blood.

The EOD is an art-form in its own right, shaped by hand to the exacting eye and tactile sensations of a true master. The result is a very sharp, very functional knife for the operator that has a hand-full of passports and has special need of the low signature characteristics of this sort of tool.

(PS: If you haven’t perceived the fact by now, Mad Dog Knives impress the hell out of me, for the technology, the art and the cosmic irony of being what they are.)

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