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OK, so I'm cheap and bought the cheap rubber armored 3x9 Tasco and with the Colt scope base.

Personally I think 3x9 is too much magnification and I'd rather have a lower power scope with wider field of view. But, like I said, I was being cheap and now I'm too lazy to change for another system. I did use it during the running deer match and even won a couple of times.

The other systems like Trijicon ACOG, Bushnell Holosite and Aimpoint Comp M would be my choice if I wanted to spend the $.

Concerning my Smith Enterprise M14, I scoped mine with an old ART II 3x9 which I bought from Uncle Bill's CMP. Now, if I can get a spare Garand to go with my M84 I bought...

Mykl - wise choice in choosing the Smith Ent. National Match. On a lot of Springfield, Inc. guns, the web of the receiver (receiver firing pin stop) isn't made to mil-spec and it could result in the tail of the firing pin breaking. Unless the firing pin is inspected regularly and replaced when signs of wear appear, a user could be inviting slam fires. I've written the Chandler Bros. (Death from Afar Series and Tactical Shooter magazine) and they concur with me on this possibility. Springfield, Inc.'s Tom Reese knows of this problem but it is unknown whether they have resolved it with current production guns.

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