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I like a nonmagnifying red dot scope mounted in line with the iron sights on the CAR15/M4 type carbines. This set up is great for 0-300 yards, though past 200 with the .223 is pushing it. I tend not to favor the flip up SWAN type rear sights -- if your dot goes out, you need your sights there NOW, not after you flip the flimsy thing up. The Gunsite/Mark Brown mount for the CAR-15 A2/A3 carbines has much promise. This mount, which retains the A2/A3 rear iron sight assembly, includes a Weaver rail for an in-line Aimpoint in the area that previously consisted of the carrying handle. It's more compact and robust than most of the other systems I've seen. Add some Trijicons (at least a front sight) and a white light system, and you're ready for combat at contact distance out to long range without any fiddling with knobs or loss of sight acquisition speed at any range.
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