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Of the 4 AR-15 Carbines I have only one has anything except Trijicon Night Sites (iron sights), I have one with a Trijicon ACOG Reflex. I do not set any of these carbines up for long range work, because the .223 at ranges exceeding 250 yards is a not my preference.

At 300 yards the Reflex Carbine can make hits on a standard pepper popper 8 for 10 from prone, (16 inch Bushmaster flat top).

My preference on these tools is to set them up to be as rugged, drop-proof as possible. Glass gives me some concern. Anything with a battery is out of consideration. I have a Swan sleeve with pop-up reserve iron sights on the flattop with the Reflex. If it ever dosen't work I'll just unscrew it and use the iron sights.

What are your thoughts?

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