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The trainer wasn't an Emerson. It was a Crawford. I don't question the workmanship just the linerlock concept.

The thing that drew me to the Kasper Fighting Folder was the deep finger groove which lends itself to strong thrusting. Unfortunately, the locking system may not be up to the challenge. I am looking into a small fixed blade knife like the MOD Razorback or the Polkowski Kasper Companion. The problem there is that I won't be as likely to take it everywhere and I also question the legality of carrying it concealed in Maryland.

I'm also not that crazy about the Coverts design. The finger grooves don't look that secure. The REKAT Rolling lock is touted as being extremely secure and strong. However, the Pocket Hobbit is designed for reverse grip use and for carrying in a Kydex belt sheath. If the Crawford KFF had one these locking systems, then I would have no qualms about thrusting.

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