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Rich Lucibella
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I've been able to defeat 3 large AFCK's from the Gunsite Custom shop. Returned one and gave two others away (with full disclosure). I know they're real popular but i have no use for them.

I'm surprised to hear about the problem with Emerson designs as his reputation is outstanding. However, it's my belief that Mr. Murphy lives in the pocket with your "tactical" folder...all it takes is a bit of dirt, lint or grit and you're in a world of hurt on the first thrust. I know of no trainers who recommend thrusts with folders. For this reason, I've move to small-medium fixed blades.
Folder locking recomendations: Crawford's Spine Lock; Chris Reeve's Sebenza integral lock; Gerber's Applegate/Fairbairn dual lock (though I'm not impressed with the knife as a whole).

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