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Has anyone experienced a lock failure when using a tactical folding knife with a linerlock?

Linerlocks seem to be the most popular choice among tactical folders these days. I have a couple of Benchmade AFCKs and a custom made Crawford Kasper Fighting Folder which sport linerlocks. I also had a training knife made for the Crawford KFF. The trainer is similar to the trainer that Ernest Emerson made for his Raven model. I have been using the dull and blunt trainer on my heavy bag and training dummy for about five months now. I didn't have any problem with the lock disengaging until recently. Now when I perform a strong thrust to the heavy bag it is relatively easy to cause the linerlock to disengage. Obviously this would be most unwelcome in an actual defensive situation. It has made me question whether a linerlock is the best locking system for a tactical knife or that it is all that durable.

Does anyone out there do actual impact training with their linerlock knives?

Axel Yup
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