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Rob Pincus
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I use Paddle holsters like a mad man at the range (read- in my back yard..)
I hardly ever use them for CC, but at the range, they are a great solution. My normal time at the range is a flurry. I load up a ton of magazines at the house then head out to shoot with three or four different handguns. 75% of my practice is always form the holster one or two shots, then back to the holster, so having a holster that fits the gun is very important. Paddle holsters make this an easy thing to achieve without having to take off my belt everytime.

Now, I know the argunment is "you should train with what you really wear." and I do, just not as often. The paddle holster on the hip comes very close to my duty rig, and that is when I will most likely need to draw and fire.
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