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In the current SWAT magazine, Warren Buttler pens an article about the bane of paddle holsters. I figured it would be a good discussion topic.

In the article, the author puts forth that the very design of the paddle holster is against the warrior mindset. The easy on, easy off holsters have made for people who keep taking their guns off at every possible opportunity. The author also doubts the security of the mounting system.

My thoughts: to start, I would also tend to agree that taking one's weapon off all the time leads to complacency as well as a loss of direct control of the weapon. Though some in law enforcement need frequently to divest themselves of their weapons for court, it is just as practical to simply put the pistol itself into the court weapons locker instead of removing the entire holster rig. Many paddle holsters have poor belt retention designs. The best of the breed, IMO, are the Safariland holsters which have a hook on the OUTSIDE of the pants, which tend to catch the belt if the rig slides up. Either way, I'm not really confident that these rigs will adequately retain the weapon if a wrestling contest for the weapon ensues. The worst part of the paddle design is that it causes the grip of the weapon to be pushed in toward the body. On thumb break holsters, this is extremely uncomfortable, and makes for a very awkward presentation as well. The only redeeming factor for the paddle holster is that women, whose business fashion tends not to favor heavy belts and pants with belt loops, can benefit from the added support and flexibility in placement that the paddle designs offer.

What's the bottom line? I wear a belt mounted holster daily, and prefer to suffer with the belt than have the imagined convenience of the paddle rig. If you're going to carry a weapon, take it seriously and take it everywhere.
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