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After watching only one match, and with a little prodding from the guys at the local gun store, I shot in my first match last Saturday -- had a blast!

Brought my own shells & cartridges and a pair of Cimarrons -- borrowed everthing else (holsters, shotgun, & rifle). Had opportunity to shoot the Cimarrons only once prior (a box through each) to make sure everything was in order -- had never fired their rifle or shotgun before.

(Now, before ya'll go off, I've fired plenty of rifles / pistols / shotguns before, just not these.)

Summary: didn't shoot myself, or anyone else; no unsafe handling (rotating for a cross-draw was something new); no procedurals (that surprised me some); and I shot the last of five rounds clean. WOOHOO!

I have no idea what my times were -- and I don't much care.

Surprises: yes, you can miss with a shotgun; firing a '94 at-speed is "easy"; and I need a lotta work with six-guns.

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