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The Grip Maker is a one man operation and a very capable operation at that. He lives only twenty minutes from me and I am using some of his imitation ivory grips right now.
Personally I detest imitation stag. Almost all of it looks like cheap plastic. His on the other hand look like the real thing. He has put a reat deal time and work into making the grain, testure and coloring as athentic as possible.
I am about to start building a pair of guns for Terri to use for mounted shooting. She loves the looks of stag and I had planned to get the real things for 90 bucks a pop from Ajax. Then after seeing the Grip Makers imitation they will be what goes on her pistolas.
As Bill said check out the other site as well. You may see something you like even better than stag. Different people like different things. Shot, I even have one set of guns with white pearls on them. But don't tell anyone, ok?


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