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Sorry but Wayne Gibbs retired several years back and closed the shop. H&G moulds are no longer available. I wish Wayne well but also wish someone had been available to take over the shop and continue their tradition of making the finest moulds I ever used. Hope you can somehow salvage the H&G molds.
I used a Saeco furnace for many years and tried replacing it with two different Lyman furnaces. BAD! Both Lyman furnaces suffered from spout freeze up even in Houston weather. Currently am using RCBS furnaces with good results.
Have never liked aluminum casting molds. Older Lyman molds (60's-70's) are still good but newer Lyman molds rusted to ruin after just one usage so I abandoned that brand. Older Saeco, RCBS, and ALL H&G molds are still fine. All molds stored in airtight, pressure sealed box with dessicants.
Marvelux is still far and away the best flux I have found. I use old candles when melting original wheel weights and casting pigs with furnace One but use only Marvelux when remelting pigs and casting bullets with furnace Two.

Good casting and be safe.
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