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I'd salvage them moulds too. If you don't want to, I'll pay postage!

I'm not terribly fomd of aluminum moulds. I cast outside and the slightest wind cools em too fast for me and I get a lot of rejects w/wrinkles. Gimme steel any day. Maybe its just that I'm so used to using steel moulds.

Buddy up with some tire shops. I have more ww's than I'll use in 10 yrs for free. Buddy up with a plumber or two. They'll drive by and dump those old (pure) lead toilet bins & drain piping in your alley and thank you for it, just to be able to get em off their truck. Stinks to high heaven to melt em down but worth it. Low vwlocity rounds need no additional hardening, and a little 50/50 added will let you drive em to mag levels.

Our old propane grill w/ side burner is what I use. No fancy equipment is really needed. Spend that money on moulds. Buy extra dippers and throw casting party's with your friends. They'll help for the cool factor and want to learn. You walk away with a much higher production for the day. Tom Sawyer action heh heh.

I'll defer to the others for specific equipment reccommendations. Most everybodys moulds are good. I use candle stubs for flux, works fine and freeish.
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