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BigSlick, I'd put a lot of effort into salvaging H&G gang moulds before I'd junk them. The RCBS bottom pour pot is accounted better than Lyman, but someone went to the trouble of tracking down who makes that for RCBS and they have a wider line under their own name. Can't recall that name at the moment, but it should be findable by Google.

I use and like the Lee six cavity blocks. Casting technique with aluminum is a bit different and you have to be a little more delicate, but they make fine bullets, and the price is certainly right at $35 for six cavity blocks from the mail order places. You should give them a try before you look elsewhere. You might hate them, some folks do, but many of us love them.

Thing to remember with aluminum blocks is to start hot and decrease temp as you cast. They will get too hot so many of us use some kind of cooling technique. Mine is to cast with two moulds with the one that has just been filled resting on an aluminum heat sink when I am in a hurry. When I am feeling lazy, I just slow the tempo down.
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