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I'll throw in my .00002 cents worth on the AE Winchester. I have the Trails End,and love the accuracy of it.Had to get rid of the JW loop though.Short arms.
I chose the Lyman sight for economy,and it is good enough for me. I rang steel at 180 yds last month,and I'm still a'grinnin about it.!!
The .357 is such a flat shooter I only had to elevate the sight about 1/4 inch to do the job. I suppose the Marbles sight woudl be better for real serious work,but the Lyman hits all the SASS sized steel I point it at.The one at 180 yds was just a standard rifle-sized monthly shoot target.
ps I give 99% of the credit to the rifle and sights. My old eyes sure like that sight picture. I just leave the inserts out and use the large loop as a "ghost ring".
'oops,gettin' windy again.
enjoy yourself,and shoot safe. Mort
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