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Need new casting equipment - haven't spent any money yet - help me out here ;)

OK guys,

Reading the posts here and other venues in the last few weeks has got me to the point of pulling out my casting equipment.

To be honest, I ought to hold a funeral for the old stuff I have. The small melting pot is rusted, the furnace got bent from the last move and what few blocks I have are all iron and look like a boat anchor from the 30's. I need a new hammer and some of my pins are missing. Just about all of what I have is Hensley-Gibbs. Are they even in business anymore ? I can't find their website.

This being the case, I am probably going to just retool from ground zero. I have looked around various sites and Lyman, Lee and RCBS are the first mfrs that came to mind for hobby casting, since I can't find HG. I don't want cheapo stuff, but I am hoping to avoid a second mortgage to pay for it.

I really want to go with a bottom pour furnace and about a 10 cavity mold(s) would suit me fine.

Any suggestions on where to start ? What is hype from the advertisers and what works well ? Is Marvelux still the way to go for flux ? I see catalog info about aluminium molds, are they worth the time to use ? Does anyone make molds in stainless ?

I did find a couple of buckets of wheel weights and a small chunk of linotype, but I know I will need more lino. Where do you guys get it today ?

Someone bring me out of the dark ages here...


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