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Sure h-110 loads can be used with lead bullets, if the lead bullets are hard cast. Since I cast my own, I can determine what hardness they are. Lyman #2 mix is hard enough for 240 grainers at max velocity in a .44, with a proper lube and the right sizeing.

Since I just got my SBH back from Ruger after a new barrel was installed, I'll report back on whether the new barrel will stay as clean as it did before. The old one would stay lead free at 1400 fps with the Lee 90342 250 SWC.

I have to crow a bit, Ruger did a super job of rejuvinating my SBH. This revolver is 30 years old, it has fired many thousands of rounds. I bought it used in 1975 to shoot handgun silhouette,(SP?), wore out the original 7.5 inch BBL, had a 10.5" bbl installed in 1978. The BBL extension was cracked, requiring a new BBL.

A fee of $136.00 to replace the barrel, polish, re-blue, and return postage. A list sent along with the gun listed the folowing parts. New ejector rod, ejector rod housing, cly. base pin and base pin catch and screw, new rear site, barrel, cyl. pawl, all new screws, and un-named internal parts. Oh and they left the hammer and trigger sear alone, (I had it honed to a crisp 3#).
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