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I've got a crossdraw rig on order from Rick B makes some of the best if not the best old west reproduction leather gear bar none. He cants his crossdraw rigs at 20 degrees. Since we've gotten involved in CAS I've really researched leather goods and his is the best quality at a extremly good price. Check out his web site and give him a call, even if you don't order anything you'll be glad you called him.

Check out the Cheyenne Regulator link in my sig line. They just finished Hell on Wheels shoot for this year last weekend and while we were on vacation we purposely made it home in time to check it out a tad sunday. They had tons of vendors and just about any kind of CAS gear you can think about, I picked up a new pair of Buffalo Runner stovepipe boots dirt cheap. Next year I'm planning on shooting in H.O.W.

As close as you are why not try making it out some weekend?? The regulators shoot the first sat of the month.

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