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Yep, just something about guns the Duke used in a billion westerns that placates all but the most rabid anti.

I use a SASS-legal crossdraw rig for my second gun, a 3 1/2 Cimmeron New Thunderer, and a strong side for my 5 1/2 Vaquero. Since I run the local matches, safety rules are enforced with a vengence. No problems yet, although there are some kinda odd folks out there.

One guy showed up with a brace of Blackhawks in nice leather...and a H&R .32 top-break in a modern clip-on holster 'clipped' to the inside of his vest's armhole. Looked a bit silly until the whole thing, gun and holster, fell on the ground when he was bending over to pick up some brass. My head RO jumped him hard.

Anyway, next week my crossdraw days should be more Shuffle for me. Got a pair of Colt Cowboys coming, moving from Duelist to Gunfighter. Geez, like I don't win NOW...

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