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Now - personally, I love the Cross Draw.
But... at shootin matches - I would rather not see them on the line.
Bacause most of the rigs I have seen (admitedly being new to this scene - I have not seen all that many. But I have seen enough to form an iron clad opinion!) are canted to the point that the muzzel of the loaded gun is pointing back at the folks watching. I understand the little step to turn the muzzle while drawing... yet this not enough I dont think. Before this step is made - that muzzel has already swept everyone. And quite often - the shooters hand is already in the gun before that pivoting step is made.
I dont think this is ideal.
I have seen a couple rigs that are cross draw, yet the gun is still pointed more down than back... this is better. One rig I saw, the gun was actually vertical - much much better! Thats the way to do it! The gun at no point swept anything other than the steel plates... and that shuffle pivot was not needed either.

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These opinions are personal and formed of the impressions of a CAS Novice.
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