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Tork, look at the bottom of the sizing die for an insert ring. If the sizing die is one piece of steel, you will need case lube. If it has the ring, it's carbide and no lube is required. Check to make sure you got the shellholder for .38 Special and get one if you need to. You're going to need a priming tool. I like the Lee AutoPrime II because it uses the regular shell holder. Others prefer the handheld Lee AutoPrime. You'll also need some loading blocks.

Powder measure is where the argument starts again. If you have the money, buy an RCBS Uniflow and a scale. Those will run you over $100. If money is tight, buy the Lee Pro AutoDisk and a .38/357 Lee expander die if your dies are not by Lee. That's about $40, and you can get by without a scale for a while. If money is really tight, get the Lee dipper kit for about $10.

I suggest that you stick with loading .38 Special for a while. That means buying small pistol primers, powder and bullets. I would suggest WW 231 for the powder and bulk cast .358 bullets, either 148 gr WC or 158 gr SWC.
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