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USPSA style match:

Skill and practice can count more than having high $$$ gear, example: the gun I normaly use is a SV Infinity SWAT in .40 s&w with a Safariland speed rig. I had a problem that prevented me from using it, so I had to use my Glock 22 with my duty gear, since it was the only holster I had for it. My buddies where ribbing me saying that they had me at a disadvantage. It turns out that I shot very well and ended up beating both of them. I think that if you focus on the fundamentals, that the equipment doesn't make a lot of difference as long as it functions.
I also learned that its entertaining to watch the base plate fall off a magazine
while its being seated in the gun, with the spring flying one way, the follower going another and all the rounds cascading to the ground. I also learned that this is not as entertaining for the one who is holding the paticular gun at the time.(laugh, we've all had something similar happen to all of us!)
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