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i am thinking of getting into SASS matches. i have some questions. first the only gun i have at the current time suitable is a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt. do many people shoot in the modern class?
second, i have to but a lever action carbine in a pistol caliber right? i have been considering buying a stainless Ruger Vaqcaro and a stainless Navy Arms carbine in .357/.38. would the smaller caliber be an advantage or a disadvantage in these matches?
i was thinking the .38 Special ammo would be cheaper than .45 Colt and it would have less recoil and still meet minimum velocity requirements.
third, if i go the cheapest route and buy a lever action in .45 colt to match the Blackhawk, is the modern lever type Winchester with the crossbolt type safety legal.
finally, do anyone know of a source of reproduction lever action or pre 1900 exposed hammer pump shotguns. if so do you think they would be worth the cost over a more traditional side by side?
thanks guys and gals

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