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Howdy fal308,

The theme for Mule Camp this year was TV Westerns. Each stage CD started with the theme music from the selected Western,then a brief history of the Western. The stage was then set up with a small story. The CD then had the stage description read exactly as it was in the shooter's book. These were very specific descriptions,leaving very little to chance. If you had to start in a certain spot,we had a stepping stone set in the ground that required a shooter to have both feet on it. The berm marshals answered any questions and described any procedures not specifically covered on the CD.

The use of CDs,berm marshals,stepping stones,etc. was to make sure that each posse shot each stage in the same way. This removed any ambiguity caused by differing interpretation of stage descriptions and procedures. I worked as Asst. Range Master and saw each stage shot numerous times by posses of differing skill level. The stages were run very consistently,and the shooters seemed to enjoy the CD descriptions.

I've heard nothing but positive comments on this system,and I'm sure that it will be used again at next year's Mule Camp.

Bellicose Bill
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