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I have a Ruger Vaquero Bisley in .357. shooting 125 grain 38 specials from it. Also use a Navy Arms 1873 Winchester Border Rifle in .357. I shoot 158 grain 38 specials from it. We took a survey at our club. By far 45LC most popular caliber. Second most popular here is .38 special. Followed by .44 and then 44-40. My sis-n-law shoots 125 grain,.38 specials from her Cimarron Lightnings and 158 grain,.38 specials from her Marlin Cowboy in .357. My wife shoots .38 specials from her Third Generation 7 1/2" Colts in .357. Wife also shoots .38 specials from her 38 sp/.357 Rossi. It's just easier on me if everyone shoots same caliber. Plus .38 specials a lot cheaper than 45LC. Good move!
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