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I've never used a mag primer in my life and don't miss them. Elmer Keith never used mag primers either, even for his full house loads.

For light to medium loads, I've found Unique to be good. Full house loads are not suited to Unique ime.

H110 is generally for full house loads with jacketed bullets, as far as I know. I hardly ever use it.

2400 is good for anything from light to OMG type loads and is very consistent in its performance and is the best reccommendation for powder that I have. No mag primers needed.

I've just recently tried 231 in some 44 special loads but only a limited amount to date. So far so good.

Try some 2400 it was made for lead 44 loads. I guarentee you'll like it, and welcome to lead 44 country! Careful, its addicting. Soon you'll be buying moulds.
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