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Re: Reloading

Granted at this time I am semi- retired from reloading. I buy my ammo, be it shot, buck or slugs.

I was quite avid and very very good friends with Mr. Pattern Board. Yes I did make my own slugs for 28 ga. I did have a helluva 28 ga load with #5 hard copperplated shot. T&E with all loadings [ buck, shot and slugs]

For me, I could make a better shotshell that performed in MY Gun for THAT task for less monies. I am speaking mostly of target loads, and hunting loads.

My reloading "area" well...mine had a bedroom, kitchen, 2 car garage [I needed a loading dock] off to the side....I realize some folks use a spot inside a house. I had a BIG reloading area with the amenities.

My T&E [ and 'developement' ] for slugs and buckshot was for some special niches, and to "see how this would work, could I tweak, is there something better / something missing...?" Understand I was also into forcing cones, bore diameters, fixed versus screw in chokes...Russian, swaged, Jug, Poly, Cutts....I was real busy educating myself and learning from the works of Brister, Misseldine, Isleng, Olin, Stan Baker and so many others....

I had as many as 10 or 11 reloaders. I shot over 25k rds in 12 ga alone. Someone said I shot 40k in 12 ga alone one year...I was not home much that year so yeah I can believe it. For instance I have a '74 SX1 with well over 200k rds fired thru it. Yep still runs and never misses a beat.

Just decide what you want to do as far as shooting is concerned. Learn the safe and correct methods and recipes. Get to know Mr. Pattern Board.

One may not always save monies. One is likely to shoot more, become a better shooter which in turn starts the wheels in motion and the cylce repeats.
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