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David had some good points, things most of our club tends to agree with. However, there are some folks that think fast fast fast instead of doing like Wyatt said and taking your time and hitting first is more important. When I used to shoot CAS in Hawaii, my wife (an avid IPSC shooter herself) was inticed to join CAS by having a female shooter tell her that "...we don't care about the shooting, just the dressing up...". My wife ran, and still refuses to shoot CAS. She wears a hat and boots, and does the match scoring, so at least she is CLOSE...

I don't mean to denegrate anyone, my post was more about how weird we are (shooting CAS stages with a Tommy and a laser-sighted gyro-stabilzed ninja-issue geek pistol) that the very few folks whining about being penalized for, say, missing the A-zone of an IPSC-standard paper target at 3 feet.

That said, all the long shots were on steel, only the stort stuff was paper. I didn't want to shoot steel at three feet!

Dressing up as a cowboy is part of the fun...but this is a shooting sport, not a fancy dress party (for you blokes across the pond).

Again for the record, I don't wear Levi's and crepe-soled boots...custom stovepipe mule-ear boots, Wah-Maker pants and bib-front shirt (or dress shirt and vest), big ole' spurs (San Angelo pattern, for that is where I am after all), wrist cuffs...if there is some nifty old-time cowboy stuff I DON'T have, it must be on order I shoot Dualist, but may transition to Gunfighter soon. I hate adjustable sights, but some folks have worse eyes, I guess...heh heh...have to make allowances.

My schedual isn't as bad as Ned' it has my cowboy match the second Saturday, Abilene's IPSC match the third Sunday, San Angelo's IPSC match the fourth Sunday...this is in addition to tossing an M1 Garand around as part of my base Honor Guard. I need longer (and more) weekends!

So do we all, I think.

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