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I thought my first post stated this clearly, but I'll repeat: _I'm_ not running the match. This is the first cowboy league operated at this range and the first one I've participated in.

But I'm sorry if my comments appeared to denigrate people who don't shoot well. I have nothing hut respect for people who don't shoot well but want to try to learn. (And there are clearly some of those in this league.) I'm less impressed with people who don't shoot well and then complain that the match wasn't supposed to be a test of shooting skill anyway. If not, then why keep score? Also, I watched the match closely and I'm pretty sure the targets are the same size no matter who's on the line.

If your point is that cowboy shoots should be easy enough not to be intimidating to people with little or no shooting ability, that's probably valid. It may be that this range will have to restructure its cowboy matches to make them more of a "gateway" to the shooting sports. And maybe it's just not the game for me, which is also fine: One nice thing about the shooting sports is that there are lots of possibilities.
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