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Howdy David,

I shoot at several clubs,but my home club uses 18x24 steel for pistol targets,set at about 10 yds.,and 12x12 steel for rifle targets,set at about 15 yds. Out of an average of 100 shooters at our monthly matches,maybe two will shoot the match clean. Big and close doesn't mean that folks don't have to aim. My point here is that emphasizing the "Action" in Cowboy Action Shooting makes for a fun match for experienced and new shooters alike. CAS brings a lot of folks who have never participated in a shooting sport before. These folks have stock guns with factory ammo that might not shoot right to point of aim. These folks need to be kept in mind when planning CAS matches.

A number of folks that shoot CAS just do it for fun. They're not out to win,just shoot,commiserate,and,yes,dress up like a cowboy. That's part of the game. I usually finish in the top ten of the matches I shoot,but I also enjoy dressing up-spurs,cuffs,stovepipe boots with mule ears. If that makes me part of a "Village People fashion show",then so be it,but I'm playing the game the way it's meant to be played. If your going to run a cowboy match,don't denegrate those who show up and pay their money to shoot if they dress like a cowboy but don't shoot well.

Bellicose Bill
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