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Wakal, I am also involved in my first cowboy action shooting league. It's the first time this range has sponsored any cowboy shoots, and the match director (my brother) has come up with some original and fun shooting events. The problem is that some participants who have come from a local CAS club are complaining that the targets are too hard to hit. (We shoot steel plates and bowling pins at ranges from 15 to 25 yards with rifles and pistols.) My view is that is's supposed to be a cowboy SHOOTING league, which implies that it's not unreasonable to expect participants to be able shoot at least a little. However, I think some CAS participants are less interested in shooting than they are in participating in a Village People fashion show.

One complainer claimed, "Cowboy action shooting is not about how accurate you are, it's about how fast you can shoot." Hmm. Somehow I have a hard time understanding how you can miss fast enough to win a gunfight.
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