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Yeee-Haaa! Cowboy Action Shooting and USPSA three gun. Is that Colt Peacemaker open or limited class? I'm a cowboy first but I do love three gun matches. Get to use my Springfield Armory 1911, CAR-15 (.223), and Remington 870 (ghost ring rear, rifle front w/ tritium inset and side saddle).Last match had shotgun stage with transition to pistol. If you think about it my Ruger Vaqueros, 1873 Winchester rifle, and 97 Winchester pump is a 1870s three gun match. I'm so confused. 1st Sat of month, SASS with Ky Regulators, 1st Sunday of the month, USPSA three gun or CAS with Knob Creek Gunfighters, Second weekend, two days of CAS in McKEE , third Sunday-IDPA, Fourth Sat-CAS at Glasgow, fourth Sunday-SASS at Fox Bend, fifth Sat.- CAS in Miami, OH. GSSF every once in a while and oh yeah, Skeet club shoots Thursdays, Sat & Sundays. No, nothing wrong with your club. Enjoy!

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