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Hey, I'm not that cruel...but I don't see why anyone should miss the A-zone when firing at a target three feet away.

Of the four stages, two were nothing but steel, one was half steel, and the last was all paper. All the handgun targets were inside 7 yards, the rifle target's longest shot was 15 yards.

Personally speaking, both my pistols shoot to point of aim. A bit of load tweaking, a touch of sight filing, and I hit what I aim at. It just doesn't take much. My derringer, on the other hand...sigh...

Just trying to put the 'shoot straight' back in the phrase "ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth" (good book, too)

The best thing about CAS is the minimal amount of whining...I really get sick of the IPSC W-class shooters (whiney) putting the game in gamesmanship. Just shoot and either smile sagely or laugh it off, depending.

We had a little side game I threw in to give my scoring team time to, well, score. Two full size poppers set to duel much fun we ran it again with lever guns. May have to run it with shotguns next month...heh heh...

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