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Our local club held our first Cowboy Action match yesterday...went much better than expected, although we spent the day yelling at shooters for unsafe gun handling. If you are not on the line, leave your guns the hell alone...sigh...

I did catch some flak for extracting a penalty for non-A-zone hits...heh heh...costumes are fun, persona is great, but what about shooting straight?

Anyway, after all the visiting cowboys left, the rest of us swapped calvary boots for combat boots and decided to run all the stages again.

With modern guns.

IPSC open guns for pistols, a pistol-gripped 870 for shotgun, and a Thompson for the rifle.

We noted about a 50% increase in speed, and a 250% increase in sunburns. (we played for a long time).

Does this make us bad people?

Lone Iguana

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