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Your Hornady loader should do just fine to load any shotshell. If you need a manual I'd get in contact with Hornady. Knowing how to set up your loader is a safety issue as well as turning out quality loads. As for your old shotshells, I'd open them up, save the shot, and scrap the rest. Not worth the chance using unknown loads and deteriorated components. Get all the shotshell reloading information that you can and even an experienced loader to help get you started would be helpful. Your local skeet-trap range should have available for sale plenty of once fired hulls. Get your loading manuals and find a load using your new once fired hulls, then purchase the primers and wads specified for the load you want. Remington Premier and STS hulls seem to be the most popular today but if you want to load buckshot then get your Lyman manual to see what components you need to use. good luck and be safe!
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